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👨‍💻  About Me

Hi there! My name's Sam Poder and I'm currently Grade 9 Student at GEMS World Academy Singapore studying the MYP curriculum. I'm originally from Australia but I've lived in Singapore since I was 7!

An issue I’m passionate about is promoting STEM to the youth. In our modern society, STEM is of growing importance. Many of the highest-paying jobs are STEM-related; furthermore, the demand for these same jobs is growing rapidly. I want to provide as many students as possible STEM opportunities that teach them real-world skills. To fulfil my goal, I founded the Singapore STEM Club which is a student led non profit organisation that promotes STEM to the youth of Singapore through events (fully launching in a post-COVID19 world). At school, I lead a Hack Club and ran an Innovation Week to introduce students to the wonderful world of technology.

I also enjoy creating change in the environment around me. At school, I serve as Vice President of the Student Council. In this role I represent the entire student body and work with the school administration on creating a better school environment for students. We also run amazing events! Finally, I have been elected as the President of the Student Council for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

That's just the start! I've done a mix of wonderful things throughout my 15 years alive, there's more below.

🏫  Academics

I am currently taking the IB's Middle Years Program at school. I am in the fourth year of doing the program. This means I receive an all rounded education which includes studying Science, Maths, History, Chinese and English as well as other subjects. I’m really enjoying getting to learn such a variety of things!

In 2021, I will be taking the IGCSE exams to supplement my learning in the MYP Program. I will be taking all five IGCSEs that my school offers.

I perform well academically, last year I received the runner up award for the highest overall grades in my year group. My strongest subjects are Maths & Science where I am consistently getting top marks. 

💻  Experience

Here are some of the things I've worked on recently!

The Singapore STEM Club

2020 to present | Founder

I founded the Singapore STEM Club alongside a couple of friends to provide everyone we could with the same wonderful opportunities we had had.

Currently, we have only organised one event: Local Hack Day: Share (SEA Edition). We’ve got some exciting stuff planned but we’re on hold due to COVID-19!


2019 to Present | Web & Graphic Designer

OnePwaa is an international nonprofit ensuring that low-income and marginalized communities have access to debate and essay composition resources. We lower barriers of entry to the concept & practice of collaborative education by providing scholarship programs, debate camps, and online guides.

I am currently a senior member of the web design and development team. I led the complete overhaul of the website when we moved from Weebly to a custom developed solution. To do so we used Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript & Jekyll. I also did the technical configuration for hosting and the new domain. I had previously done graphic design work before switching teams.

CureIO (Fmr. Cure Band)

2018 to 2019 | Founder & CTO

I was the co-founder and CTO of CureIO at 13. We won the Young Founders Summit @ SEA pitching competition and then continued to build our company. We focused on creating unprecedented services to assist the elderly. Our solutions centred around the user’s heart and we had plans to expand into other areas of medical assistance. The market, however, grew rapidly, leaving our solutions almost obsolete before fully developed. The project would be closed but what I learnt was invaluable.

🗣  Extracurriculars

I'm always participating in things around the school!

Student Council

2020 to Present | President Elect

After a successful term as Vice President, I ran in the Presidential Election. I received a majority of the popular vote and I am currently in the process of forming a council.

Student Council

2019 to 2020 | Vice President

For the 2019 to 2020 academic year, I had the honour of serving as the Student Council Vice President. Representing the whole student body has opened me up to the perspectives of others whilst forcing me to go outside of my comfort zone. I never liked going to dances, but I found myself leading the organisation of one!

Here’s what I did:

  • Innovation Week - Innovation Week was the largest ever student led event, bringing together over 100 students to participate in fun, challenging activities focused around technology. The event would also receive support from multiple international organisations. It was very gratifying to see the level of participation in the event!
  • Halloween Disco - Led the organisation of a large disco with a strong use of technology. This included a custom built ticketing system and a food management system. The event was described as the most meticulously planned disco by our school’s principal.
  • Open Mics - We ran two open mic events to allow students to showcase their talents to the rest of the student body.
  • Sports Matches - Ran multiple sports matches to increase school spirit.
  • COVID19 Service Project - Partnered with Cycling without Age to send cards to the elderly of the Sree Narayana Mission during the COVID19 crisis. The project was so impactful that we were featured in the Straits Times life section.
  • Vending Machines - Used my business and financial skills to bring Vending Machines to our school.

World Scholars Cup

2018 to Present

Leading member of my school’s World Scholars Cup delegation, participated in Regional Rounds, Global Rounds and the Tournament of Champions at Yale University.

My 2019 Certificates:

Jaguar Roar

2018 to 2019 | Editor in Chief

I was the inaugural editor of our school’s newspaper. We released new issues every fortnight and were able to produce stellar issues that gain over 400 views per issue from the school community. The team also produced an advertisement for the school which was showcased in global conferences.

Additional Activities


  • Debate Team - Third speaker for my school’s Debate Team. (2019 - Present)
  • House System - Leading the communications and marketing for the school’s house system. Applied my graphic design skills. (2019 - Present)
  • Drama Technical Crew - Leading sound engineer for multiple live productions. Assisted in design and soundtrack and creating a cue system. (2018 - Present)
  • Tech Crew - Leader of my school’s tech crew. We work directly with the head of EdTech on promoting technology and building a welcoming environment in my school’s tech lab. (2018 - Present)
  • Arts Week - Digital Resource Manager (Video Editing & Graphic Design) and Photoshop Workshop Leader (2018 & 2019)
  • Google Code In - Helping create better open source software! (2018 & 2019)
  • Math Tutoring - Volunteered as a math tutor for younger students. (2018)
  • History Bee and Bowl - High performing member of my school’s History Bowl team. I am a three time History Olympiad qualifier and have consistently placed in the top 10 individually during rounds. (2017 - Present)
  • Football Team - Starting team player on the school’s team. (2017 - Present)
  • Rugby Team - Committed team player as well as stand-in captain. (2017 - 2019)

🏆  Awards & Certificates

Scholar of the Year

Jun. 2020 | GEMS World Academy Singapore

Was recognised as the inaugural Scholar of the Year at my school. The criteria for the Scholar of the Year award was that the recipient had raised the academic portfolio of the school through high achievements in academic subjects, major contributions towards & success in academic extracurriculars, leadership qualities, innovation & problem solving, consistently modelling the GEMS vore values & IB learner profile and perceived by all faculty & staff as being are a positive role model in the school community.

My work in promoting STEM and building learning opportunities for others my age was highlighted during the award ceremony. As well as my success in World Scholars Cup, History Bee & Bowl and debate.

Best Student in Technology

Jun. 2020 | GEMS World Academy Singapore

Recognised (for the second time) as the best student in the field of technology by the EdTech & Design departments for my contributions to improving the school environment through technology.

Mentor Award

Apr. 2020 | Major League Hacking

Was one of two global community members recognised for extraordinary efforts to assist in mentoring and supporting hackers during Local Hack Day: Share 2020. This included answering technical questions, guiding others on how to make their project and interacting with the community.

Multiple Awards

Mar. to Nov. 2019 | World Scholars Cup

Receive high recognition for my ability to debate, write and my factual knowledge. I won trophies in both debate and writing and placed in the top 5% for the individual challenge twice. In the 2019 season, I received 36 medals and 6 trophies.

Student of the Year

Jun. 2019 | GEMS World Academy Singapore

Chosen as the best student from the entire school throughout the 2018 to 2019 academic year by the whole school faculty.

The process was based on the following criteria: consistent high achievements in all academic subjects, displaying the GEMS core values, displaying the IB learner profile attributes and being perceived by all (faculty and students) as a role model around the school.

Grade 8 Best Overall Student

Jun. 2019 | GEMS World Academy Singapore

Chosen by all Grade 8 teachers as the best student in their view based on IB learner profiles and GEMS core values.

Grade 8 Science Fair Winner

Jun. 2019 | GEMS World Academy Singapore

Made a wearable device that detects falls to help protect the elderly. Combined my computer science and physics knowledge to produce the project.

High Distinction Award

May 2019 | Big Science Competition

Applied scientific knowledge and thinking to solve scientific problems. The exam tests critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, not just factual recall. Questions are set in real-life and contemporary contexts.

Grand Champion

Nov. 2018 | Young Founders Summit

Young Founders Summit is a start-up competition for teenage (and pre-teen) founders. My team won the inaugural Young Founders Summit in South East Asia. We started a business that helped improve and monitor the cardiac health of the elderly (Cure Band).

Best Student in Technology

Jun. 2018 | GEMS World Academy Singapore

Recognised as the best student in the field of technology by the EdTech team for my contributions to improving the school environment through technology.

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